Offshore waste compactors

Why compact waste?

With a compaction ratio of 10:1, our compactors can reduce the volume of waste by as much as 90%.

This means a significant reduction in container movements to return waste to shore and a huge saving in deck crew time, container hire charges & shipping costs.

  • Fewer container movements (lower risk & cost)
  • Smaller deck space requirements (fewer containers required)
  • Less environmental hazard (waste completely enclosed)
  • Lower biological hazard (powerful disinfectant spray)
  • Lower energy use & fewer CO2 emissions

To view an animation of the benefits of compaction click "play" button in the video window:

Why our waste compactors?

We have been providing our own design of heavy duty, large capacity, fully pneumatic, waste compactors to offshore operators, drilling companies and specialist support vessel operators for over 30 years.  Our compactors are designed specifically for the North Sea and similar hostile operating environments and have an unsurpassed record for safe, efficient and reliable operation.  This translates directly into significant cost savings & operational benefits for customers & users.

  • Safe: comprehensive safety features, including safety inter-locks on the controls & a “fail safe” default on all operations, means our compactors are extremely safe to use.
  • Efficient: a large capacity & high compaction ratio means that less operator, deck crew & crane time is spent changing waste bags than is the case with smaller machines.
  • Reliable: an entirely pneumatic operating system, rigorous maintenance & careful pre-delivery testing means high reliability.
  • Productive: simple controls, fully enclosed operation & a short cycle time means that a large volume of waste can be disposed of in less than a minute & the compactor left to complete its cycle unattended.
  • Convenient: designed, tested & certified to be handled as an offshore container by means of a permanently-attached four-point lifting set.  Robust construction means they can withstand a considerable amount of rough handling.
  • Zero maintenance: no maintenance whilst in-service (hydraulic machines often require daily checks on fluid levels and filters).  We provide an annual maintenance change-out on rental contracts.
  • Compact & robust: a small footprint (1.8m x 1.7m) means a minimal deck space requirement & robust fabrication means there are few constraints on where they can be located.

Safety features

  • Operator positioned to side of machine with clear view across the front/working area.
  • Operator must have both hands on the controls to close door.
  • Warning horn sounds when door about to close.
  • Door closes under reduced pressure ("soft close").
  • Door can not be opened during compaction cycle.
  • If door open, will not drop if air disconnected from machine or air supply fails.
  • Compactor will only operate if the skip is in its correct position & door closed.
  • Operator must have both hands on the controls to operate skip in/out trolley.
  • Warning horn sounds when skip trolley about to move out of compactor.
  • Two Emergency Stop buttons fitted & halt the machine in its current operation.
  • Safety interlocks fully automatic & cannot be over-ridden by the operator.
  • Cannot be operated with someone inside a safety cage (as is the case with other machines).
NSC offshore waste compactor (closed)

NSC offshore waste compactor (open)

Technical specifications

Certification: DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Containers
EN 12079:2006 Offshore Containers & associated lifting sets
EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (CE marked)
Dimensions: 1.8m (w) x 1.7m (l) x 3.0m (h)
Weight: 3000kg (tare) / 4250kg (gross)
Payload: 1250kg
Lifting arrangement: Integral four leg lifting sling & master link
Skip/bag capacity: 1.4 m3 / 49 ft3 compacted waste
Operation & control: Fully pneumatic (no electrics or hydraulics)
Air supply pressure: 60 - 145psi
Air supply connection: Crowfoot, MacDonald, Glenlock or as required
Air preparation: Auto-purging water trap, air filter & three air lubricators
Compaction ratio: Approx 10:1 (dependant on bulk density of material)

On-going investment

We are continually striving to further improve the durability and reliability of our compactors and are several years into a fleet renewal programme with new units designed, manufactured & certified to DNV Standard for Certification 2.7-1 "Offshore Containers" (June 2013) & EN 12079:2006 "Offshore Containers and associated lifting sets" (April 2006).

Document downloads

Product & technical information

Click on the images below to download information about our products and services.

  • North Sea Compactors and North Sea Compactor bags Brochure Product information

    Description & techical specifications of our Series I & II offshore waste compactors, including the benefits of waste compaction & safety features built into our compactors.

  • North Sea Compactors and North Sea Compactor bags Specifications Technical information

    Summary techical specifications of our Series I & II offshore waste compactors, including working pnuematic pressure, air consumption, safety features & other technical details (extract from our brochure).

  • North Sea Compactors and North Sea Compactor bags Maintenance Manual User information

    Maintenance Manual for oweners of our Series I & II offshore waste compactors containing detailed instructions on undertaking a wide range of maintenance tasks.